Powering through the deal noise in 2010

I can’t ever recall a time when there has ever been so much noise about deals in my lifetime.  Social media group deal sites scream, day after day, hour after hour about one deal or another.  At first, it was kinda cute and fun but let’s be realistic, I never have needed that many salon treatments and my nails look pretty good, all things considered.  To use a popular 80’s term, “Where is the Beef”??  I want someone to tell me how fertile this consumer soil can possibly be to continue to absorb the onslaught of deals it receives day after day.  What ever happened to value?  Can everything be right and true with value for every consumer on these mega-mailing lists?  I have to be honest, as a marketer I am not really all that optimistic about shotgunning deals day after day and creating a brand that is worth following.  Sure, travel is diverse, it is personal, where as everyone has fingernails, right?   These “communities” of consumers are really legions of deal junkies, simply interested in the delivery method and waiting for the next impulse purchase to strike their fancy.  Sure some of this stuff is cheap and perhaps has value but are these businesses creating a lasting customer base by simply giving it away?  Why not run an ad in the local paper saying, “Bring this ad in and get the 50% I usually give to mega-list company dot com?”  I bet that one would get some attention now that these sites are getting into neighborhood placements of products.

What ever happened to the romance between consumers and the products that they love?  Isn’t it all about the value proposition these products represent?  We all like a pretty face and something new and exciting but let’s go back to a time where products had real value that we could count on an not become part of the flash mob of reactionary lemmings that think getting an email or twitter to their personal inbox is the same as wink from a pretty girl from across the room.  There is no winking going on,  what you are seeing is 24/7 jackhammering on your senses with downward pressure from the others in the mob who have caved in and purchased something they weren’t looking for because twitter told them it was a good deal. 

I know it is hard but let’s all resist the noise and the next time a product winks at you, don’t look at how many others are quick to wink back,  get closer and see what it really looks like and you might just find the product love you are looking for elsewhere.


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