Ten Years in the Making….

 I guess for everyone that was alive and conscious ten years ago the anniversary of 9/11 is more than just a milestone in time and space.  I am not really all that sure what the greater meaning of this event might be other than its obvious impact on all of our daily lives.  Our “free” society became a little less “free” and all in the name of the common good due to the restrictions that became necessary after this event.  It almost washes away the profound sadness that 9/11 created for us, kind of the lull you feel after the first attack in a battle, sad for your comrades who were lost, happy it wasn’t you, and prepping yourself against the enemy by utilizing the lessons learned at the expense of others. 

I can still smell the smells and hear the sounds of that day as if it were yesterday.  What I can’t do is warm up to all the fuss and ceremony over the memorials and monuments we seemed so much in a hurry to erect.  I consider the haste at which we moved a kind of apology to the families of those who died that day for the rapid reconstruction and callousness over the site of their murders.  I am not qualified to understand whether that is right or wrong I simply feel a bit disconnected even though I was very close to the event and have felt the sting left in its wake.  All of us in NYC mourn the people lost and still carry them in our memory while simply moving forward at our normal pace. For better or worse, our notorious short memories will force us to forget no matter many memorials are erected and ceremonies conducted.

To those who suffered a personal loss, I hope the ten years passing has allowed your pain to subside and that you have found a sense of peace that embraces your life and those around you.  The rest of us will continue to be only spectators to an event that is now ten years in the making.


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