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The Emperor’s Old Clothes

October 24, 2011

At last we see people in certain regions of the world fighting for their own freedom.  It isn’t easy and their courage shouldn’t be trivialized.  Their years of suffering under horrible autocratic rule is something on which they could cement a true participatory democracy that includes even the most neglected members of their societies, all for the good of their home countries.

In contrast to that courageous backdrop I personally lament the loss of some leader’s wardrobes that brightened otherwise drab news days.  These leaders flaunted and pranced, they didn’t march or stroll.   While western leaders paid homage to their home grown, main steam designers, these leaders opted to create a mind blowing collection of robes, cloaks, suits, and uniforms that would make Michael Jackson seem like J. Edgar Hoover.  The only thing that was more apparent than their evil motives was their need to contort themselves into something like a human peacock. 

Why should only evil dictators create fashion controversy by decorating themselves opposed to dressing themselves?   Why so serious?  Shouldn’t world leaders be forced to at least dress in clothes that can be tracked back to their native homeland?  How about a red, white and blue jump suit with a nice beret?  I for one would find that more interesting than much of what I see and hear from most politicians.  I could warm up to a cool Horse Guard uniform on a Prime Minister instead of those boring grey pinstripes they are all clandestine to wear.

So celebrate freedom and the end of tyranny but shed at least one tear for the retirement of a few wardrobes that captivated and dazzled us and brought some color to a region and a time that can sorely use it.