Atlantic City, for Bettor or Worse.


Atlantic City, this almost reborn jewel on the New Jersey coast has recovered nicely from its recent bout with Hurricane Sandy.  As someone who has been known to frequent this town from time to time, I have always been puzzled by AC’s schizophrenic nature.  A part of the city is big and gaudy and loud, and the other part seedy, and unattended and shot but together they make up a really freaky intertwined mess of place that is generally a lot of fun to visit.  I mean, there are not too many places you can go that offer you the ability to see a slice of history along its streets and sleazy boardwalk, all while being showered in the glaring lights from hotels that are as out of place here as they possible could be.  Strolling, you are moving through a maze of carnival games, homeless squatters, pretty girls dressed to kill, and fat, middle aged men with that, “Forgetabout” look and pinky rings.  The Casinos offer you an opportunity to sit shoulder to shoulder with people you would never get a chance to meet if left up to your own devices, and I mean never.  I love to walk around and just watch all the different types of people mesh together in what can only be described as a bastion of universality, it is a melting pot for every one of every shape, size and background.   

If you have never been to Atlantic City, it is someplace to be seen.  People like me are left to wonder if this is what they set out to create, and if it is, what bizarre mind came up with the idea?  Nothing here seems to fit right, not the structures, not the boardwalk, not even the people.  It seems always one step away from being anything cohesive, and it kind of works, but you’re never quite sure how it does.

The only thing that would be worse than spending time here is never doing so.  It isn’t funky chic, its sleazy chic. This is the East Coast baby, NJ’s version of hip meets trailer park meets the down and out, over a latte with frothed soy milk while being walked down the ocean front in a foot driven pedi-cab by an Angolan kid who speaks better English than you do!

Don’t be confused just check it out.


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