4 Travel Deals to Cancun



A lot has been said recently about Mexico tourism in the last several years, some true, some not true.Many destinations are affected by security concerns but none so publicized as our neighbors to the south.Mexico, its people and its resorts could potentially the most welcoming of any tourist destinations I have had the pleasure to visit in my entire life.Are there areas of this vast country that aren’t safe or really suitable for tourists to visit? Of course, we all know that is the truth but if you examine the all the possibilities and probabilities, I think you will find there is way more positive than negative about Mexico.


Let’s address some common sense approaches to limiting your vulnerability to crime in Mexico, or anywhere else for that matter:


1.Know where you are and stay where you belong:roaming outside of those areas with infrastructure for tourism is risky in Mexico, just as it is in Chicago so don’t go looking for adventure or you might find more than you want.


2.Don’t buy Drugs:Yes, don’t buy drugs because usually the people selling them aren’t really the kind of people you want to hang out with and flash money and valuables around.Many Americans are victims due to their attempts to purchase illegal drugs.


3.Don’t let the party get out of control:Getting drunk is bad.Getting drunk in a foreign place is worse so if you have to party out of control do it in your hotel room not in a public place where others are scouting out potential victims.


4.Don’t use ATM’s in public places:Hello, hang a sign on your neck that you have money.


5.Chill with a group of people:People that are by themselves, especially at night are more likely to be prospective victims than people in large groups.This is especially true for women.Don’t go for long walks alone at night unless you are Chuck Norris.


6.Spring Break:Yes, a lot of the crime and deaths in the Cancun area arise from out of control young people who forget life is long, and the party a marathon, not a sprint, so be cool.


7.Don’t go anywhere with people you don’t know:Like your Mom told you, strangers can hurt you, better not to trust them then to make a regrettable mistake.


8.Things are different here:Everything from the money, to the roads is different than you are used to.You can’t just expect everyone to abide by rules you are used to so adapt, be alert and be advised that you should expect the unexpected in the streets and on the road.


There is no genius in the above.It is as true for Cancun as it is for Rome or New York.I wish there was a common sense injection people could get before they travel but there isn’t so listen up, pay attention and have a good time.


There are so many resorts in Cancun where do you start?My recommendation is with the creation of your own budget by asking several questions:


·How much do I want to spend?


·Do I want all-inclusive or room only?


·Do I want luxury accommodations or something more moderate?


·Where do I want to be? Cancun, Playa del Carmen or somewhere on the Riviera Maya?


·Are you flexible on your travel dates?


It is always best to understand the basics before you search for any accommodations.How much do you have to spend, do you want all inclusive, and of course, where exactly do you want to be.Cancun and the Riviera Maya region have a vast and varied array of hotels and resorts all of which can offer a very different type of experience.


ACTION:Cancun is my official party central destination.It is cheap to party and there is always some kind of activity going on.The transportation is cheap and many hotels have organized party buses that can bring you to clubs for a fee, with admittance and booze included.If you are looking for action this is the place to find it.


The Cancun Tourist Office can fill you in on almost any detail you might need: here


NATURE:I am recommending the Xcaret area of the Rivera Maya for anyone who wants to experience nature in this region.It is an experience I never get tired of and is only about 1 hour south of Cancun.Find all you need to know about it here.


THE REST:The Rivera Maya and Playa del Carmen offer so many wonderful opportunities to play golf, shop, sightsee or just lay back and relax that it is almost too much to choose from.There is something here for everyone who loves beautiful weather, friendly people and top class resorts.It is affordable and easily accessible from Cancun airport.


For more info on the Rivera Maya click here.


For more info on Playa del Carmen click here.


Now that we have established the basics, how can I get a great deal on my accommodations?


1.Search the region for the area you would most likely want to spend time in.


2.Find hotels that offer the range of services you want, at the price you have established.


3.Compare those prices on all of the major hotel discount sites.


4.Check Skyauction.comfor auctions that allow you to bid on resorts and get a better deal than you can on other travel sites.


That’s right, bidding for hotels and resorts frequently saves hundreds of dollars for travelers particularly in places like Cancun where there are tens of thousands of rooms available every single night.The average Skyauction.com customer saves between 25% and 50% off the nearest other travel site.Image


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