4 Travel Deals on Cruises


Ok, so the cruise industry has taken a bit of a public beating lately.  Yeah, we all know that spending time on your vacation marooned on a ship without even the most basic of services isn’t all that much fun and no one wants to be there when something like this happens.  I don’t believe however, that this is the worst thing in the world to have ever happened to a traveler and we have to put some perspective on how many cruise ships there are sailing, every single day, and how many negative incidents are really reported as a result. 

It seems we have to start with the most basic element when it comes to travel, safety.  A fire on a ship is something that should strike fear into the hearts of even the most intrepid amongst us.  It is a very bad thing to have happen.  When you consider that these ships are holding thousands of people, accidents seem to be more of an eventual happening than something that should shock us.  Ovens are going night and day, lights, miles of electrical wires, stages, you name it, and it’s all on a cruise ship.  Like a neighborhood of homes, something is bound to go wrong sometime particularly with all those people milling about, all charged up night and day.  It is literally 5,000 people riding around in a big machine in unpredictable conditions where at any time things can change pretty extremely.  With all of that understood I feel the amount of real incidents has been relatively small.  I personally have been on many, many cruises all without even and insignificant incident.  That doesn’t mean that can’t all change in one second, but that could happen on an airplane, or in a hotel as well.  It seems to me that this latest cruise “catastrophe” did more damage to cruising and the Carnival brand, than to any one, single person on that ship.  If you ask me it could have been way, way worse considering it was a “fire on a cruise ship”!

Well, all of industry insiders know what this means, a new round of price lowering for the cruise industry.  Since Carnival controls about 50% of all cabins globally their attempts to woo back customers with low prices will definitely impact the balance of 2013 and perhaps beyond.  Americans are wonderfully predictable in that they don’t mind endangering themselves as long as they get a really, really good price to do it.  Airlines have recovered from worse catastrophes by using low fares, hotel brands recovered from fatal fires, publicized crimes and other incidents using the same tactics.  So why should cruise lines be any different.  The bottom line is this, things happen when you travel so suck it up, and don’t claim ignorance when something goes wrong. If you ride in a machine, car, plane, boat, whatever, they break down just be happy if it doesn’t happen when you are going 75 MPH on the highway and it’s your brakes, not the toilet in your cabin.


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