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Do us all a favor and spend some money on a vacation this summer.

June 20, 2013

Aren’t we all just a little tired and in need of a nice vacation.  It doesn’t really have to be anything lavish or even expensive, just some time away from our everyday existence and out of ear shod of the 24 hour news cycle.  Is it just me or could we all do with a few less glances at our smart devices over the course of a few days?  I think the answer is definitely yes, but how can we do that without an intense amount of work to find a deal in a hurry.  Shall I look through the stacks of emails I have from every purveyor of travel for whom the word; deal, is a relative term.  I have my top 10 deals, top summer deals, top group deals, my socially delivered deals, which one shall I choose? 

I know what you are thinking, that it is easy for me because I am in the industry, I have an inside track on what is what and where is best.  Unfortunately, I think like a consumer and I have only one real criterion when choosing a vacation, value for money spent.  This makes it easy, I look for what I want to do, potentially a destination and then I work backwards to really see what value I can get for the money I am about to spend.  I don’t want to spend $10 for something worth $5, so sometimes cheap trips don’t hold any real value at all.  It is easier to recognize value at the highest end of the market because these “deal” sites don’t regularly bang around bargains for 5 star resorts so when I see value there, I know it instantly.  In fact, this is a large part of the reason we have so much success at with our higher end product lines.  People recognize the value and they relish the opportunity to save real money on products not normally found shopped around as a “daily deal”.

Value for money spent, I want everyone to remember those words of wisdom.  To me, it means getting the most out of every vacation dollar. The most of what you want on your precious time off.  So whether you want more beach or better beach, or more activities, or less activities, you should size up what you pay against what you receive.  I think most people end up with a vastly better understanding and experience when they don’t let price drive their decision making process exclusively.  You can pay less but are you really getting what you want, or even what you pay for?

So do us all a favor and go on a trip this summer and remember what I told you, discounts are nice, but don’t ever discount what you really want.


A Father’s Day Travel Blog

June 15, 2013

I wrote this blog a few years back, but it is as relevant as ever today.  I think my theory of a “genetic” link to the travel industry has been proven correct, even if just in my own family!


On this Father’s Day I will be remembering the man who introduced me to travel and helped put me on a career path that while difficult has been rewarding and a lot of fun as well.  My Dad was kind of an aviation pioneer, of sorts.  He began his airline career back in the 1950’s before it expanded into the mass transportation system it is today.  He wasn’t CEO or even an executive, he was guy who worked the ramp at a very small airport in NewarkNJ for that great by-gone airline Eastern Air Lines.  As a child I remember riding the tractors with him across the ramp (pre-high level security) and how cool it was to pull up to the airplane and watch the well dressed people climb the stairs to all kinds of exotic destinations. (Miami)  I can still remember how proud I was of my Dad and how special I felt to be there with him working on giant airplanes.  I used to dream of being one of those people capable of traveling anytime to virtually anywhere in the world without boundaries but I knew how expensive it was and that the only way a kid like me could accomplish that was to get a job like my Dad working for an airline, preferably Eastern Air Lines. 


I am happy to say that I was able to do that and much more.  Working for many different airlines I always enjoyed being able to follow in my Dad’s footsteps in basically working in a business that allowed people the freedom to live their lives by moving from place to place for any number of reasons. The excitement of the business and the constant urgency that seemed to be “ever present” I feel was the perfect lead into our fast paced online travel present day.  Although I have left the airline business behind, I still have great respect for the difficulty, responsibility and the pressures they have to keep themselves afloat and provide jobs for the hundreds of thousands of guys (and Girls), who like my Dad, worked so hard so all of us could simply, fly.  I salute them all and my Father’s Day wish is for the return of better days for the aviation industry so they will be able to continue to do exactly that.  Working for an airline isn’t easy, but sometimes, it can be really cool!  Thanks Dad.


A safe and effective way to enhance your travel performance without the use of steroids or any type of enhancement drugs. (By using your Brain)

June 7, 2013

With all this talk about people using all types of substances to enhance this or that performance you can rejoice in the fact that you can enhance your “travel” performance without the use of any outside stimulus.  That is correct, each one of us possesses the tools we need to travel and save money like the most seasoned professional, and we only need to use one thing, our brain!  (You might need your fingers to type with or maybe not) 

I am not trying to be sanctimonious or pass judgment on those who feel injecting themselves with hormones or smothering themselves in product reviews and brochures might somehow bring them to a greater state of travel enlightenment, quite the contrary.  Go on, go through whatever ritual you feel works for you but no matter what you do, you aren’t getting the most for your travel dollar unless you understand how auctioning travel changes the very game itself. has been around for many a year now. (Since 1999)  We have helped millions of customers to develop their full potential when it comes to the confusing world of purchasing travel.  Our formula is quite easy to relate to:  Find the best price you can on the trip you want to take and then come to our site and bid for it, or any like product.  I know you are getting bombarded by tons of sites telling you this and that about what a great deal they have for you.  You are receiving daily deals, deals with groups of other travelers, deals for jetsetting people, deals with prices on the line, deals for bookings and so many more, you just don’t understand which one is the best for you.  That is where we make it easy, you put in the bid amount you want to pay, simple. 

You use your brain to determine the best price on a deal and that is what you bid on  We have luxury products that can save you hundreds on your purchase.  Of course we have cruises, hotels, packages, vacation rentals (no one has them for less) and even shows and attractions.  What we don’t have are a lot of fixed prices that steal your individualism by forcing you to join some kind of “group” to get a real deal on travel.  Besides, no other company makes you a winner in the process! 

So bulk up on your knowledge and come and bid on your next trip.  Don’t worry we don’t test for any banned substance either!

Don’t let a hurricane ruin your vacation, really?

June 2, 2013

I am sorry, but reading articles like this makes me wonder if the people who write them know anything about travel whatsoever.  I think the title pretty much describes something which is virtually impossible.  It is obviously a really slow news day when major news sites publish articles which any 10 year old could have written. 

My summer Sunday morning reading began with a check on in order to grab the important headlines of the day and there it was, above the fold, glaring for all of us who make our living selling travel, “Don’t let a hurricane ruin your vacation”.  It isn’t a badly written article it is simply a total waste of cyber-space.  It doesn’t offer any ground breaking news or information or even any helpful tips that could save, money, time or perhaps even your life.  All this article does is rehearse the fact that hurricanes do occur at a time when individuals are making summer travel plans.  It doesn’t talk about the fact you can save huge money traveling to the Caribbean during the summer months and that your chances of being caught in a hurricane are really, quite minimal. 

My favorite part of the article talks about Hurricane Sandy which struck New Jersey in October of last year and made it sound as if there was something that people could have done to protect themselves from what could only be described as a once in a lifetime storm. The premise is basically stupid, storms happen, rain, snow, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves and everyone should be aware that if any of these happens it could ruin your vacation.  Personally, I can’t live my live worried about the potential for disaster either at home or on the road.  If you are engaged in marketing travel products you don’t highlight each and every conceivable, possible situation which could negatively impact someone’s trip.  You might expect, as I do, that people use COMMON SENSE and understand that if something bad is happening you do your best to KEEP YOURSELF SAFE.         

So there you have it, I have condensed the article into a sentence.  I would humbly request that would be travel writers stop trying to scare potential travelers with idiotic articles of no real value.  It hurts the industry, clouds the minds of consumers and offers them nothing in return.