Do us all a favor and spend some money on a vacation this summer.

Aren’t we all just a little tired and in need of a nice vacation.  It doesn’t really have to be anything lavish or even expensive, just some time away from our everyday existence and out of ear shod of the 24 hour news cycle.  Is it just me or could we all do with a few less glances at our smart devices over the course of a few days?  I think the answer is definitely yes, but how can we do that without an intense amount of work to find a deal in a hurry.  Shall I look through the stacks of emails I have from every purveyor of travel for whom the word; deal, is a relative term.  I have my top 10 deals, top summer deals, top group deals, my socially delivered deals, which one shall I choose? 

I know what you are thinking, that it is easy for me because I am in the industry, I have an inside track on what is what and where is best.  Unfortunately, I think like a consumer and I have only one real criterion when choosing a vacation, value for money spent.  This makes it easy, I look for what I want to do, potentially a destination and then I work backwards to really see what value I can get for the money I am about to spend.  I don’t want to spend $10 for something worth $5, so sometimes cheap trips don’t hold any real value at all.  It is easier to recognize value at the highest end of the market because these “deal” sites don’t regularly bang around bargains for 5 star resorts so when I see value there, I know it instantly.  In fact, this is a large part of the reason we have so much success at with our higher end product lines.  People recognize the value and they relish the opportunity to save real money on products not normally found shopped around as a “daily deal”.

Value for money spent, I want everyone to remember those words of wisdom.  To me, it means getting the most out of every vacation dollar. The most of what you want on your precious time off.  So whether you want more beach or better beach, or more activities, or less activities, you should size up what you pay against what you receive.  I think most people end up with a vastly better understanding and experience when they don’t let price drive their decision making process exclusively.  You can pay less but are you really getting what you want, or even what you pay for?

So do us all a favor and go on a trip this summer and remember what I told you, discounts are nice, but don’t ever discount what you really want.

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