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Don’t let a hurricane ruin your vacation, really?

June 2, 2013

I am sorry, but reading articles like this makes me wonder if the people who write them know anything about travel whatsoever.  I think the title pretty much describes something which is virtually impossible.  It is obviously a really slow news day when major news sites publish articles which any 10 year old could have written. 

My summer Sunday morning reading began with a check on in order to grab the important headlines of the day and there it was, above the fold, glaring for all of us who make our living selling travel, “Don’t let a hurricane ruin your vacation”.  It isn’t a badly written article it is simply a total waste of cyber-space.  It doesn’t offer any ground breaking news or information or even any helpful tips that could save, money, time or perhaps even your life.  All this article does is rehearse the fact that hurricanes do occur at a time when individuals are making summer travel plans.  It doesn’t talk about the fact you can save huge money traveling to the Caribbean during the summer months and that your chances of being caught in a hurricane are really, quite minimal. 

My favorite part of the article talks about Hurricane Sandy which struck New Jersey in October of last year and made it sound as if there was something that people could have done to protect themselves from what could only be described as a once in a lifetime storm. The premise is basically stupid, storms happen, rain, snow, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves and everyone should be aware that if any of these happens it could ruin your vacation.  Personally, I can’t live my live worried about the potential for disaster either at home or on the road.  If you are engaged in marketing travel products you don’t highlight each and every conceivable, possible situation which could negatively impact someone’s trip.  You might expect, as I do, that people use COMMON SENSE and understand that if something bad is happening you do your best to KEEP YOURSELF SAFE.         

So there you have it, I have condensed the article into a sentence.  I would humbly request that would be travel writers stop trying to scare potential travelers with idiotic articles of no real value.  It hurts the industry, clouds the minds of consumers and offers them nothing in return.